How working at a day job can make you a better entrepreneur

Photo via RootStartup
Photo via RootStartup

Originally published on GeekWire

I’m an entrepreneur with a day job. For a while now I’ve been asking myself if this is reasonable, and I’ve recently decided that it is.

The caveat: I believe day job entrepreneurs can only still consider themselves an entrepreneur if they actively pursue the betterment of the entrepreneurial self.

Put in another way, if you’re not taking advantage of the many resources your company likely has to offer to learn about all the things you know little about, you’re wasting lots of time and making a huge mistake.

I’ve thought about this a lot over the past 18 months at UP Global, and wanted to share a few of the things that I’ve kept front of mind. Read more

4 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Start Their “Career” at a Proverbial Gas Station

Originally published on Fast Company

It started over a decade ago when I was a 15-year-old microwaving gas station food and endlessly scrubbing diesel off of the concrete slab beneath the avocado green fuel pump. Fast forward a few years and I’d been a dishwasher, a pizza delivery driver, a door-to-door salesmen, a shoe stocker, a clothes folder, a cold caller, a boat cleaner, a lawn mower, a cell phone dealer, and a house painter. Each of these jobs taught me something, but as I get older I realize more and more how much they’ve played a role in who I’ve become and the perspective I carry with me day in and day out.

There are four things in particular about my years in these jobs that I felt groomed me for the entrepreneurial community I’m proud to be a part of today: perspective, empathy, customer service and understanding how to be lead by non-leaders. Read more

The Power of Being Human in Business Development

Originally published on Feld Thoughts

My name is Chet Kittleson and I’m a human. I have eyes and ears and a nose and two nieces and one nephew and two sisters and a wife and a house and a couple of cats and a mom and a step dad and a biological dad and some friends and a history filled with good and bad and right and wrong and so much more that I can’t fit into one run-on sentence. Like I said, I’m a human. Read more

It Takes More Than a Formula to Change the World

Originally published on UP Global

From the beginning we’re always looking for a formula that works. Be it a skill like web development that generates income, or a style that attracts members of the preferred sex, we search for the things that work and if we’re lucky we find them and we hold on for dear life. And why shouldn’t we, if something works by all means it’s our right to enjoy the ride. We earned it. Read more

Building Startup Communities One Story At A Time

Originally published on Huffington Post

If A Story is Told but Nobody is Around to Hear it, Does it Make A Sound?

What is it about a city like New York or San Francisco that has entrepreneurs everywhere mesmerized? Is it the number of startups they’re pushing out every day? Is it the amount of money that these startups are being bought and sold for? Are their entrepreneurs smarter? More educated? Better raised? What is it that puts the New York’s of the world at the center of everything? Read more

What Keeps Entrepreneurs Up At Night

Originally published on Huffington Post

As an active member of the startup scene for the past several years, I’ve had the privilege of working with and watching a handful of what I’d consider to be some of the most exceptional entrepreneurs of our time. Innovative, talented and respectable people that seem to know exactly what they’re doing and where they’re going. How does one get to that place? How do they manage to not only hold it together under all of the pressure and stress, but to excel and to lead in the midst of it all? Read more